I’m pissed. No. Not even pissed. LIVID. Do you know how fucking maddening it is to find a costume that not only comes in your size but also your friend’s size?! SUPER. FUCKING. MADDENING.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out my system, let’s move on.

Finding costumes when you’re a size 16/18 is a total NIGHTMARE. They (companies) have a habit of modifying the costumes for the plus size company. Betcha didn’t know that! And although the modified versions can be super freaking cute, and sometimes even more flattering, THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANTED.  I want the option of being able to buy the costume that the “normal” sized girls get. It seems like such a simple desire, but is denied so frequently. If the original costume comes with shorts, then why does the plus size version come with a skirt?! I need the shorts, not the skirt. My cosplay partner is in the small-medium range and it’s extremely difficult for me to buy a matching costume WHEN IT’S NOT EVEN OFFERED. Let me put it in perspective for you,  my cosplay partner was able to buy a future cosplay for less than 20 bucks. I am having to buy separate pieces, modify all of them, and I’m already sitting at 50 bucks spent (that’s me finding the cheapest options) and that’s not even all of the pieces! Yes, I know it’s ridiculous, and to say cosplay is an expensive hobby is an understatement.

Some of y’all may even be thinking, “Why don’t you lose weight?” And I’m not judging you if you are, but I am going to answer your question. I eat less than all of my friends, I eat healthier than all of my friends, and I EXERCISE, yet I still weigh more than all of them. Losing weight isn’t an easy task, and it’s definitely a work in progress. I’ve already lost 15 pounds since the new year, but that’s with an intense food & workout plan. Besides, no matter how much weight I lose, tops aren’t going to fit me because I have a bigger chest size and when I lose weight, my chest size does not budge. So, basically I’m just screwed.

But in all seriousness, why do I have to lose weight just to be able to buy the actual costume? Just because I am this size doesn’t mean I should be denied the costume. I’m sure other plus size cosplayers share my frustration, so I’m letting y’all know the hell we go through just to be able to wear the costume we want. Welcome to my amazing, but extremely frustrating world.


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