We’re Cute… Right?

Getting people to follow you on social media? Hard. Getting people to ‘like’ your posts? FREAKIN’ IMPOSSIBLE. There are so many cosplayers on Instagram who have a third of the followers we have and they get 5 times the amount of likes we get! How does that even make sense? I messaged another duo who is doing well with social media outlets and asked for tips. All she said was that she posted daily and it just kinda happened. How does 30,000 followers just “kinda happen”? They’re super adorable and post great pics, but I feel like we are/do too. We even read about having an event every week can help bring in followers. So, today marks the first day of Fan Friday… AND NOBODY SUBMITTED ANYTHING. Embarrassing? Yeah. Wait. It gets better. We are having to ask our close friends to participate in it until we can get the ball rolling. IF we get the ball rolling. You’re probably wondering why I am even sharing this info with y’all, but I promised to keep it real. Gotta live up to my word!

Moving on. I got two pieces of my costumes and they fit! I’d even say they’re a little too BIG. I am SO happy that my weight loss is showing. I’m gonna have to take in one of them for sure, but I rather have to take something in than have to return it for a bigger size. So, hurrah! I need to start working out. My weight has reached a plateau and I know working out will bring me out of it. Dancing for cardio and pilates for toning. Whipping up a schedule for it tonight. Wish me luck.

Oh! I will be dyeing things next week before I go out of town. I’m going to post before and afters. Fingers crossed that everything turns out alright.


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I guess that’s it for this week! Talk to y’all next time.

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Here’s a solo shot from the most recent photo shoot. I love my Coraline button key tattoo.



This is a perfect representation of us lol Definitely an outtake!



New Beginnings

I’m Meagan, just your average cosplay girl. You might be wondering, “Why on earth is this girl blogging about cosplay?” Well, I have an answer for you, but first, we must go back to the beginning. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

I fell into the cosplay world in 2015. My husband and I lived with his sister and her husband at the time, and his sister, Victorya, was always dressing up. I dressed up too, but I very much so lacked the balls to do it outside of the month of October. But Victorya? She could do it in the middle of April just cause she wanted to. I absolutely admired that about her. Shit. I still do. Anyway, I saw that she was going to places like Dallas Comic Con and A-Kon. I ended up telling her that next time she went, I wanted in because it just looked like so much fun. And so it began.

The first time I ever went was in Spring 2015. We went to Dallas Comic Con Fan Days and began our cosplay group. We are known as MVP Cosplay. M for Meagan and V for Victorya. The ‘P’ stands for two things. At the time, both of our last names ended with P. Also, we sometimes have Victorya’s dog, Cyanide, in cosplay pictures with us. When that happens, the ‘P’ stands for pup. We had an absolute blast that weekend. We even splurged and stayed in a hotel room. We went as Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars for one day and then Poison Ivy and Harley-Quinn the next. It’s incredibly strange having people fan girl over you when you’re Sailor Moon, but it’s also kind of exciting. I had never felt more confident. I had lost some weight for that and for my wedding that was coming up later that year. Unfortunately, my weight didn’t continue to decline after that. If anything, it went back up. Stress makes the simplest things turn into tasks from hell. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I did my best with what I was given and decided to go with the flow.

So, let’s cut to the chase. I’m a “plus-size” girl and I cosplay. I constantly battle finding the “right” costumes for my body type. This blog is going to follow my journey as I submerge myself into the cosplay world. You will see harsh truths, failures, and if I do this right, success. I plan to provide stats with our followers, and any weight loss that I achieve and how it affects me. I will fall plenty of times, but you will soon learn that I am not afraid of falling. As long as I have the legs to get myself right back up, I will get up. Words of encouragement are always welcome, and do not be afraid to ask me question. I welcome the curiosities that fill your mind.


MVP Cosplay

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Me hanging out in the lobby the night before my first cosplay weekend.


Day 1: Sailor Moon & Sailor Mars


Day 2: Poison Ivy & Harley-Quinn