We’re Cute… Right?

Getting people to follow you on social media? Hard. Getting people to ‘like’ your posts? FREAKIN’ IMPOSSIBLE. There are so many cosplayers on Instagram who have a third of the followers we have and they get 5 times the amount of likes we get! How does that even make sense? I messaged another duo who is doing well with social media outlets and asked for tips. All she said was that she posted daily and it just kinda happened. How does 30,000 followers just “kinda happen”? They’re super adorable and post great pics, but I feel like we are/do too. We even read about having an event every week can help bring in followers. So, today marks the first day of Fan Friday… AND NOBODY SUBMITTED ANYTHING. Embarrassing? Yeah. Wait. It gets better. We are having to ask our close friends to participate in it until we can get the ball rolling. IF we get the ball rolling. You’re probably wondering why I am even sharing this info with y’all, but I promised to keep it real. Gotta live up to my word!

Moving on. I got two pieces of my costumes and they fit! I’d even say they’re a little too BIG. I am SO happy that my weight loss is showing. I’m gonna have to take in one of them for sure, but I rather have to take something in than have to return it for a bigger size. So, hurrah! I need to start working out. My weight has reached a plateau and I know working out will bring me out of it. Dancing for cardio and pilates for toning. Whipping up a schedule for it tonight. Wish me luck.

Oh! I will be dyeing things next week before I go out of town. I’m going to post before and afters. Fingers crossed that everything turns out alright.


If you don’t follow us on social media, but you want to (which I highly encourage that you do *wink wink*) here are our sites:




I guess that’s it for this week! Talk to y’all next time.

XX Just Another Cosplay Girl


Current followers:

Twitter: 222

Facebook: 220

Instagram: 2335

Here’s a solo shot from the most recent photo shoot. I love my Coraline button key tattoo.



This is a perfect representation of us lol Definitely an outtake!



Author: justanothercosplaygirl

Hi, I'm Meagan. I'm the M in MVP Cosplay. Welcome to my world!

6 thoughts on “We’re Cute… Right?”

  1. Hmm i find it discouraging and a bit of an annoyance that social media websites allow bots to run on them. Im talking about Instagram in particular, people use bots to advertise themselves and automate like and dislike pages to try and increase their exposure. This is one issue I want fixed. Also its hard to get a good community started, people won’t take the time to interact with a page or post unless they feel they can get something out of it.


      1. you have to be prolific and at the same time provide content. The hardest part is getting your name out there which i am working on now. I actually just started my web page and still see little growth


  2. To answer the question in your title: ya’ll are totally cute. Just followed your instagram, great cosplays ladies, very jealous of your skills. And your button key tattoo is all sorts of adorable. Congrats on the weight loss as well!


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