Determination Train

First off, HAPPY SUNDAY! I am feeling a lot better since the last time I posted, and any obstacle that comes my way, I will conquer it. Can’t stop this determination train!

Anyway, my cosplay partner and I did a new photo shoot and I LOVE 90% OF THE PICTURES. That literally never happens. I bought my very first under bust and it gives me so much confidence. I was able to show off my waistline and be comfortable in front of the camera. Also, it was very clear I’ve lost some weight since the previous shoot so that’s a bonus. Speaking of weight loss, if I lose 2.5 pounds every week starting TODAY, I could be 40 pounds less by June 11th! Send good vibes, please.

Another thing that helped this go around is that we had someone take our pictures rather than us trying to take them. This helped tremendously because I had someone who captured me beautifully and posed me in a way that showed off my body in the best possible way. I’ve seriously never been this happy about a photoshoot before. Let’s hope there are many more like this in the future.

Current obstacles:
-Trying to get people to feature our cosplays

-Figuring out how to dye a wig without completely destroying it


I am looking up the most effective ways to dye a wig. Mashup cosplays are beyond difficult, but they turn out brilliantly if done right. I wish I could tell y’all what I’m working on, but it’s a surprise. ❤ Believe me, there will be TONS of pictures. I actually think I have found way to dye my wig, I am just really nervous to, but I gotta try!

Getting cosplay pages to feature you is harder than you think. If you’re not a toothpick with giant tits and a big ass, then you can forget about it! The thing that I’ve noticed that helps is being persistent. Just because they won’t feature you, doesn’t mean you can’t tag them in every single picture you post. I’m sure it’s annoying, but it gets them to notice you. I don’t tend to tag pages if the pictures aren’t professionally done, but our pictures usually are. We can only hope the right people notice us and appreciate our hard work. We are even trying to get our followers to repost our stuff, but so far, no tactics have worked.

I guess that’s all for this past week. Enjoy some pictures from our new shoot and be sure to follow and like our pages! We need all the help we can get.

XX Just Another Cosplay Girl


Current followers on Social Media:

Facebook: 221

Twitter: 216

Instagram: 2279


Yay! We surpassed the 200 mark on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


I love my new ivy cosplay!


It’s getting hot in here! I really need to post a video of us trying to be serious. It takes awhile to get a picture like this lmao


You better werk mvpcfeb17-34





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Hi, I'm Meagan. I'm the M in MVP Cosplay. Welcome to my world!

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